10 Things to Know About Trail Running Before You Get Started


I’ve always loved the trails, so when I first started to run, you would think I’d get right into trail running, right? Well, it wasn’t quite so simple.

As a longtime backpacking guide, I knew my way around the wilderness. But when I started running, I found it challenging to navigate the trails at a faster pace. I would tiptoe downhill, trying not to slip...

Secret Side Effects of Walking Right After a Meal, Says Science


As a kid, you were probably told to wait 30 or 45 minutes after eating before doing any strenuous activity or exercise, such as going swimming. Well, if you've taken this childhood lesson—though some experts would call it a myth—into adulthood, and the first thing you do after eating a big meal is to relax on the couch, we've got some...

You Only Need One Cup of Greens Each Day To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease


Even in adulthood, past the point where you think broccoli is poison, getting a hefty helping of your vegetables is tough. But let’s shoot for a manageable goal: According to a recent study out of Edith Cowan University, eating a cup of nitrate-rich vegetables—which includes leafy greens—daily can significantly lower your risk of heart disease...

13 Pilates Benefits That Will Make You Want to Switch Up Your Workouts


There are tons of Pilates benefits that make it a great exercise modality, but we get it: Pilates, with all those elaborate props and intricate poses you may see on social media, can seem out of reach for a lot of people.

The truth, though? It’s actually a super-accessible and scalable kind of workout, and folks at all fitness levels...

How to Increase Vitamin D Levels in Your Body


Whether you want to strengthen your bones or bolster your immune system, you might be wondering how to increase vitamin D in your body. And there’s a decent chance you may need to. Estimates of how many people have low vitamin D levels vary, but data from the 2011 to 2014 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey show...

What Does Eating a Balanced Diet Actually Mean? Breaking Down the 'Good' to 'Bad' Diet Ratio


These days, we live in a very shame-heavy culture, where we feel guilty if we skip a workout, spend a full day vegging on the couch, or dare to eat a second slice of pizza. Combine all of that with a diet culture that assigns "good" and "bad" labels to food, and we can't help but feel like the only way to stay virtuous is to avoid treats completely...

Exercising Your ‘Neck Flexors’ Is the Little-Known Secret for Reducing Neck Pain


If you want a quick way to check in on your posture, imagine a line running from the tip of your nose down to your chest. If it’s straight, congratulations—you’re in alignment. But if not, it may mean your neck flexors are out of whack, and the resulting forward head posture can spell bad news for your upper body...

Here's What You Need To Know Before You Take A Pre-Workout Supplement


There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect workout. In addition to finding the best class or exercise regimen for your personal goals, you need a cute-yet-stylish workout outfit, proper-fitting shoes, and and an array of gym equipment. And as if all of this weren’t already enough, you’ve likely felt the pressure to add yet another component...

Why Nuts Are So Good for Your Health, Even Though Each Handful Contains Hundreds of Calories


After years of treating patients with diet-related diseases, pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig is fed up with our obsession over calories - sometimes making us favor low-calorie processed foods over high-calorie whole foods.

He told Insider that he used to believe the old adage "you are what you eat," but not anymore...

Gyms Shouldn’t Have Scales


The last time Vanessa Cavanaugh stepped on the scale at her gym, it didn’t go well. “I was miserable because it was the highest number I’ve ever seen,” says Cavanaugh, who works as a quality assurance engineer in Brooklyn. The number seemed a little strange, as she was in great shape. “I also was kickboxing twice a week and doing strength...

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